1. These are fantastic videos! Brandi is such an amazing communicator and that makes her one of the very best instructors you’ll ever work with.

    Keep it up Brandi! These are great!

  2. Reply Angei Swem-Kostoff says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL OF THESE VIDEOS…. Question: what is your thought on heel to heel toe on your 1 & 2? I see so many different 1 & 2’s, but would love your thoughts since I see you go toe heel toe heel.

    🙂 Angei

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      Reply Brandi Tobias says:

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the videos, Angei! I don’t believe a ball strike or a heel strike is in and of itself right or wrong. What I am looking for is the extension of the ankle on the way to the step. I prefer the look of a toe strike. What troubles me, that I see a lot of now that heel strikes are more common, is the flexing of the foot and ankle. If you want to do a heel, still extend the ankle as the foot passes underneath you releasing the toe slightly from the floor in the moment before you strike the floor. When done properly, the difference between heel and toe strikes is minimal and barely noticeable.

      • Reply Angei Swem-Kostoff says:

        That makes so much sense. I have been working really hard on your whole basic walk from start to finish. I love the clean look and Soleman was telling me that I ooz to much on my anchor…once I stopped doing that I responded faster! I can’t wait to master your way of taking the 1-2 & finishing with the straight legs on my anchor it already feels amazing and I have only been doing it in my living room!

        I want to really get this down and understand it so I can pass it on to my students…being in advanced means nothing as an instructor if you can’t properly execute what you teach! That’s what i believe anyway!

        I am taking your workshops at Palm Springs in August as well!! Thank you for the feed back!

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